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Passenger services. Security

Published in Passenger services. Security · 17 April 2020

Passenger service and Security

      • Passenger assistance: Embarking & Disembarking assistance
      • Check in
      • Security services      
      • Housekeeping services
      • Logistic and storage services
      • Reception luggage from/to vessel to/from terminal
      • Cleaning embarking / disembarking areas
      • Passenger information
      • Equipment and machinery for loading and unloading vessels containers
      • Disabled passenger assistance
      • Tickets selling
      • Loading and unloading of luggage

Security on Site

      • Front of desk embarking Security

Security trained assistance embarking desk services: Combines the knowledge and expertise of all port operations.

      • One individual, two roles: combines security and embarking  skills
      • Exceptional customer service: When first impression count, delivers one highly trained and presentable member of the team.

Trained: team are recruited, trained, managed and retained by us. Professional development means that they will come with the best combination of skills.

      • Security: team is offering a a great organisational security.  They will learn from all the hallmarks of representative shipping companies.

      • Security guards: Terminal restricted area control

Canine Services. Time to unleash the experts

Our expert canine team is a hight profile deterrent, our range of services includes:

General purpose security dog teams
Ideal for patrolling large areas like passenger terminal, berth areas, dogs can be deployed at short notice and are a high profile deterrent.

      • We work with trusted service partner in Spain to deliver consistent or ad-hoc canine support,anytime, anywhere.
      • Dog can provide an effective short-term solution to failed or damaged security equipment

Drug detection dog teams

With the ability to be deployed on almost any site, drug detection dogs are chosen and trained for their amazing abilities in finding all major drug substances. We can support your security team to enforce the company drug policy

Explosives detection dog teams

This canine team can be widely used across different industries. They can sweep event venues, large centres or parking areas, ports as well as screening vehicles and people at venues and events for explosives devices.  At port, dogs can quickly and effectively screen dense, irregular and large cargo under EU Regulation.

Specialist search dog teams

Dogs can be trained to detect all type of dangerous, banned or illicit items including firearms contraband at company request.

Security. Mobile patrols

      • Mobile patrols with protective service officer
      • Visual and physical uniformed mobile patrol
      • Constant security vehicle
      • Constant sea security patrols
      • Continually and randomly planned patrol routes
      • Inspection points scanned patrol

Security. By your side

      • Transporting value goods
      • Extra support on high risk areas
      • Keys safeguard
      • Vehicle, wherever, whenever custody

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