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Crew services

Published in Crew services · 17 April 2020

Crew Immigration services

We are an innovatice company, that deliver a comprehensive suite of immigrations services to vessels crew members, ship owner, technicians or corporate members around the world.

      • Crew changes: Sign On / Off
      • Individual immigration
      • Immigration policy and compliance
      • Corporate immigration service
      • Right to work and riding teams
      • Brexit
      • Consulting and Advisory services
      • Travel visas

Crew Sign On and Sign Off: Safe process

      • Guidance for embarking and disembarking
      • Transit Shenguen visa
      • Embassy Visa coordination
      • Letter of guarantee
      • Medical emergency border visa

Individual Immigration

We provide an effective visa processing for all your guests. A large number of people along the world is traveling to Ibiza: Important evens, special yacht holidays, investors, corporates clients and other individual clients receive the same world - class services. Legal compliance is a concern for all captains and ship owners. For companies operating on an international scale in multiple countries, immigrations compliance with the right policies and processes.

Corporation immigration service

We support ship owner companies with all immigrations needs, wherever in the world you do your business. Right to work and riding teams, technicians have the responsability to be on time, right to work there, we ensure appropriate workplace immigration process requirements to provide the appropriate timings for a good work planning.


We have beeb at the forefront with companies in the UK and in the EU for UK´s potential withdrawal from the European Union. Immigration legislation is changes every day. Sometimes, these changes has an important impact in all vessels opeations, a quickly adapt to new legislative change is important for our company.

Travel Visas

We keep your business running, business travelers compliance require the correct way. From working business activities, seminars, events, conferences, trade shows, limited sales activities, contract negotiations, supervisory activities, we will provide a clear step by step guidance.

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