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Logistics and Port Operations

Published in Logistics and Port Operations · 18 April 2020

Whether trucks, cars, rolling equipment, break bulk products or special projects, we offer a full range or services to optimize your logistics and find de most efficient solution. We are able to manage entire product journey, including inland services, customs house brokerage, ocean freight, warehouse management and distribution.


Dry cargo container (FCL)

We will solve all your time critical transport challenges, optimising every link of your supply chain. Through Ro-Ro flatbed equipment we can manage a huge range of dry cargo solutions, intermodal operations, deep sea services:

                  • 20´ standart                    20´ open site                Bulker discharge hatch
                  • 40´ standart                     20´ flat rack                  Bulker roof hatch
                  • 40´High cube                   40´ flat rack                  Cage trainer
                  • 45´High                            20´ open top                Closed box
                  • Euroliners (+XL version)  40´ open top                Collapsible
                  • Tautlines (+XL version)    20´ half height             Gondola
                  • Huckpack trailers             Sealand                        Haif-Heigh
                  • Mesh trailers                    Matson                         Hard top
                  • Mega hugh cube trailers  Bluck freigh                  Lattice sided

Refrigerated cargo

              • Coilers                                                 
              • Intermodal reefer for temperature controlled cargo
              • Reefer trailers
              • 20´ standart reefer
              • 40´ High cube standart reefer
              • 40´ High cube Magnum reefer
              • 40´ High cube Starcare TM
              • 40´ High cube Super Freezer             

Automotive & Machinery

We have the experience to get different range of vehicles and all king of machinery. We can provice a just in time automotive and machinery logistics services:

      • Sedan                   Campervan               Flat transport truck                TLB
      • Middle sedan        Mini truck                 Tractor truck                           Front end loader
      • Micro                     Cabriolet                  Truck mounted crane              Excavator
      • CUV                       Minivan                    Cargo truck                             Dumping truck
      • SUV                       Truck                         High working truck                Scooptram
      • Hachtback             Urban buses             Wrecker truck                          Forklift
      • Roadster                Intercity buses         Heavy wrecker truck                Bobcat   
      • Pickup                   Bus coaches             Docking garbage truck             Reach truck
      • Van                        Double deck bus      Hook lift garbage truck            Roller              

      • Coupe                        Reefer van truck             Sealed drum garbage truck             Grader
      • Supercar                    Concrete mixer truck      Tipper                                              Power shovel excavator
      • Mining dump truck    Tracked excavator           Tracked skid steer                           Dragline excavator
      • Scraper                      Wheeled excavator          Skid steer loader                            Clamshell excavator
      • Tractor scraper           Front shovel excavator    Wheel loader                                 Bulldozer
      • Motor grader              Backhoe loader               Trencher machine                          Articulated dump truck
      • Forwarder                   Material handler             Log stacker                                    Bucket wheel excavator
      • Timber truck               Tracked feller buncher    Clambunk skider                           Skider
      • Tracked loader            Tracked logger                Tracked harvester                          Whilled felled buncher

Dangerous cargo transportation

Our specialist are experienced with dangerous goods transportations, as agents we are here to help you with every aspect of the shipping process, from certification and cargo acceptance, through current IMDG Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Special cargo and Projects transportation

cat handling special cargo or transport some heavy project equipment is different from traditional Ro-Ro shipping.
With more than 40 years of experience in maritime industry, transporting oversized and heavy shipments, we have the capacity to deliver the special cargo de Ibiza.

In gauge cargo

As per freigh dimension, we can manage the cargo on small flat rack or open top containers:

Livestock transportation

For many years we have been specialised in the transport of live animals, professional or private, and it is our priority to respect the welfare of there animals at all times. Safe and comfortable transport, keeping the animal as calm as possible with high technical knowledge and professional equipment.

Out of gauge cargo

The dimensions of the cargo exceed the normal container lenghts, but can still managed with safety on board.

Yacht and boat transportation

We can manage all kind of yachts, boats, barges, catamarans, fishing vessels, with competitive costs that will satisfy owners and companies.

Electric Power Industry

Port Operations team are able to handle various types of heavy electric power equipment: transformer, electric motors, cable, control cabins Ro-Ro shipments. Despite the bulk and weigh of the cargo, Ro-Ro shipping do not need special adjustements, is fastest , safest and most cost efficient way to tranport this kind of cargo to Ibiza.

Civil Engineering and Projects

Potential of Ro-Ro shipments must be overlooked: Regular shedulle, low total price and cost transparency, increased safety and quality, cargo protected from the elements, less time between port deliver and shipment, less money of warehousing all those has a clear impact in your costs, reasons why Ro-Ro service will be perfect for Civil Engineering or Special Projects.

Agriculture and Machinery Projects

Agriculture transport solutions to optimise your logistics, costs and efficiency. Many customers find a quickly service for typical heavy agriculture or machinery regular Ro-Ro liner service. There´s no need to hire port warehousing, guaranteed departure times to arrange your necessary operations on the field.


Floating Cargo

Multipurpose vessel are used to offer an efficient lift on / lift off facility , these vessels features optimum decks spaces for all kind of vessels: sailing yachts, motor boats , tugs, high speed crafts, passenger vessels, barges, working boats, fishing boats, our port operations team were extremely proud to assist shippers or /and consignees with all lift on / lift off operations.

Breakbulk cargo

Constantly looking to raise our service standarts for breakbulk cargoes: steel industry, energy, construction and leisure projects, we offer a competitive advantage to our customers, with a clear impact in your costs.
Chartered versatile multipurpose vessels with their cargo holds configuration, and flexible segregation design, are ideal to ensure a safe stowage of all kind of breakbuk cargoes.

Heavy lift and Project cargo

Heavy lift and project cargoes needs a great control and precision, we ensure our customer expectations with accuracy and transparency. A good timing accuracy is important for this project cargoes. We execute the complex stowage and secure the safest possible transit of the cargo, vessel and his crew.


Aggregates cargo

Our team has an extensive specialty knowledge and experience in the movement of dry bulk shipping cargoes, including: sand, gravel, cement and all kind of aggregates. Dry bulk shipping transportation is a low cost solution and ensures tha will be no delays that could lead to extra charges.

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